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About G.C. Raymond

GC Raymond Construction has been in business for over 5 years but the two men who run the business have 30+ years of experience in construction. This experience has led them to have same moral code: Keep the client happy, Keep things transparent, and Keep things honest. Meet Robert Emmers and Eric Halverson.


Robert and Eric have been best friends for years and both grew up in painter families. Painting involves paying attention to detail. If you mess up in the beginning of a painting job, the finish involves back tracking and fixing the detail that was overlooked. They learned from a young age that paying attention to detail in the beginning of a job ensures that no mistakes are made.


Robert previously used his knowledge in construction and painting, by flipping houses. Within the process of flipping a house, a lot of maintenance and construction is needed to increase the value of the home. Doing this for over 25 years only furthered his passion for building and construction.


With the addition of Eric Halverson 3 years ago, GC Raymond Construction’s attention to detail only increased. With Eric as an on-site manager and with his financial planning background and Robert providing his vast experience in the residential and commercial construction, they provide high quality service at an affordable price.

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